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New Server IP is : , name of server is aim4fame , and old server is now named Darkrp just.
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 Server Rules

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Server Rules Empty
PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules EmptyTue Mar 27, 2012 7:16 am

1- Don't Spam of any type
2- Don't Make flame / flame effect
3- Don't Make explosion / explosion effect
4- Don't Prop push
5- Don't Prop trap
6- Don't Prop block
7- Don't Prop surf
8- Don't Prop kill
9- Don't Make explosive props
10-Don't Unfreeze more than 4 props
11-Don't Make expression 2 with more than 1000 ops
12-Don't Change player color or material
13-Don't Draw holograms that obstruct other players
14-Don't Random attack(RDM)
15-Don't Using vehicles to infiltrate buildings (Poding)
16-Don't Use E2 / Lua keypad cracker
17-Don't Use Any Lua Hack
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Server Rules
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