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New Server IP is : , name of server is aim4fame , and old server is now named Darkrp just.
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PostSubject: Donate Now!   Donate Now! EmptyTue Mar 27, 2012 9:13 pm

Dear Users : we have special perks for donators that's never can see at other servers. our donator perks is this :
1- Vote Kick
2- Vote Ban (minimum 1 minute maximum 1 day)
3- Kick
4- Vote
5- Slay
6- Fly
7- Donator Chat Tag (example : [Donator]!!!WARLOCK!!! : hi) [Currently not avalable]
8- Gag / Ungag
9- Mute / Unmute
10-Gimp / UnGimp
11-Rocket Slay
12-Explode Slay
13-Silent Slay
14-Normal Slay
15-Ability To Make Airboat / Jeep
16-Ability To Spawn Ak47 / M4 for self defense (currently not avalable)
17-Advanced Duplicator Uploading
18-Forum Donator Rank
19-7 Vehicle Limit (normal user 4)
20-100 prop limit (normal user 50)
21-[Donator] Name on top of head
22-Ability To Whip (minimum 1 maximum 10)
23-Get $20000 money!

Donate Now! Btn_donateCC_LG
For Donate More Safe And Fast Goto Homepage And Click On Donate Button!

Note : After Checkout You Automatic Move To Your Information Form (STEAMID , Email , Rules and contact)
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