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PostSubject: Phoeix.....   Sun Apr 01, 2012 3:50 am

For some reason today Phoeix is being really abusive with his power's. I get on today finally having my internet working and such. I build my base as usual in the other room near the White Room. I put a Fade Door and such on it and someone named Grave Digger some how get's in and kill's me. I tell him that he Randomly killed me his response was "im a robber, im alowed to kil you! so shut the fuk up kid" So i tell him i was going to report him by trying to get him banned. So Phoeix come's over and yank's me out of the base and tell's me im not allowed to somehow "Threaten" someone with a report. So he give's me a warning while Gravedigger is sitll running his mouth. So i shoot him and kill him for a little payback with no harm done. Now when HE say's RDM on ME im the one getting in trouble and kicked. Phoeix so far today has done nothing but kick the wrong people and be as less-helpful as possible. He mainly sit's on the server and build's non-stop ignoring everything and everyone else. Phoeix is a good guy and all, but he need's to do a better job at it, cause this server NEED'S it.

*EDIT* Now i am banned some how for saying this
"See this is what i mean? So far Grave Digger has made 3-4 people leave for his idiotic way, and you still do not do anything about him" i was then banned for telling him this.
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PostSubject: ok answer my questions   Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:13 am

1- reason of your ban?
2- reason of kicks?
3- please follow format
4- what is your steamid?
5- how long is ban?

please answer to this , then if its true admin abuse , phoeix lost admin!
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PostSubject: Reply   Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:27 am

Hello Vaereir im admin Kennet..
as i see it you and digger had some complains about Nlr rules, i just wanna say its hard to follow the nlr rule 100% and either you find it as a problem or digger does. i cant see a way to solve the problem. and Phoenix is just trying to help and he may have seen it the wrong way but remmber, Phoenix didn't see what happend.
Its correct Phoenix is building alot but hes also solve problems. maybe you dont see it but he is... Im not the person who I am not the person who will decide what should happen but i write my menning of it all. Thanks

Kennet Høybye.
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PostSubject: Re: Phoeix.....   

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