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New Server IP is : , name of server is aim4fame , and old server is now named Darkrp just.
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 Here is the format

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Here is the format Empty
PostSubject: Here is the format   Here is the format EmptySun Apr 01, 2012 4:28 am

1- reason of your ban-I was apparently breaking the rule's of RDM and somehow threatening with a ban. The guy Grave Got into my area, i told him to leave he said "No fuk you bitch" and i was killed again. So i said i would request a ban for him on the forum's but then Phoeix said not the "Threaten" him with that? I dont see me threatening in anyway at all
2- reason of kicks-For telling Phoeix that is he does not do anything the server will get worse. So he kicked me. One of the player's said this before leaving because of Grave's immature attitude and Phoeix not helping "This server need's new admin's. Without some new admin's this server is S***"
3- please follow format-Sorry i was in a rush and did not see the format
4- what is your steamid-STEAM_0:1:47604649
5- how long is ban-He did not say. He banned me without warning or consulting me.

Also Kimlangarm unbanned my but did not deal with Phoeix. Thank's for the help WARLOCK
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Here is the format
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