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 Ban Appeal Information

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PostSubject: Ban Appeal Information   Ban Appeal Information EmptyWed Mar 21, 2012 7:20 am

hello everyone , i want to talk about ban appeal this time. why we use and why we have. first i need to say sometimes admins ban wrongly or some of players steal name other players. thats not big problem , if you wrongly banned you can make ban appeal and get unban instantly. sometimes admins ban for long time with bad reason. if reason is bad . then we can change ban time or unban. sometimes admins ban for long time with valide reason. if this valide reason have longer time than normal , then we need to change ban time or unban. we actualy use ban appeal for unban wrong banned people and the people who banned for permanent and a long time from ban ago.

Why We Use Ban Appeal?

Answer :
We use ban appeal to unban a people who banned wrongly or time of ban is wrong . sometimes we unban the peoples who banned for permanent and a long time from his/ her ban ago and it is his/her first rules breaking. if you are minge and breaked rule alot , please dont appeal that , because we dont unban minges.
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Ban Appeal Information
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