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 Forum Game!

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PostSubject: Forum Game!   Forum Game! EmptyThu Apr 12, 2012 10:59 am

Hello everyone! I recently joined the community and I decided to start a forum game. It works like this:
People all work together [or against each other] to play the role of a single character, taking turns posting Good News or Bad News about him/her. An example would be:

Jack: Good News: You got heroine!
Bob: Bad News: You got caught by the cops, thrown in jail with a 500,000 Bail.

The rules are to stick to the Good News/Bad News rotation, and you must wait two posts before posting again. I’ll start us off.
Good News: You won the urbrokelolzlottery! The jackpot was $30,000,000.00
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Forum Game!
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