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 Ban Request Information

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Ban Request Information Empty
PostSubject: Ban Request Information   Ban Request Information EmptyWed Mar 21, 2012 4:31 am

Hello again to Everyone. i now want to talk about why we use ban request and why we have it on forum. ban request using to help peoples to stop rules breakers. posting ban request is requierd for apply admin. we sometimes ban peoples for permanent if they breaked rules alot. posting ban request help peoples to have safe play rp. because its ban minges and minges leave server. currently we dont allow admins to ban minges. only groups allowed to ban them is superadmins , owner , developer. admins can lock ban requests but we dont allow admins to do that. admins cant manage ban requests. they can just see and massage to threads.

Why We Use Ban Request?

Answer : We use it to post for ban minges. we use it for leave minges from server and make other players safe with posting ban request.

Thanks For Reading,
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Ban Request Information
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