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 Cop describe.

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Cop describe. Empty
PostSubject: Cop describe.   Cop describe. EmptyTue Apr 03, 2012 3:34 pm

Police describe

Your job as a cop is to protect people, and arrest the people who breaks the laws

You can arrest:

If he trying to break in peoples houses

If he have a Illigale weapon / Not pistols

If he kills people / hurt

If he have a money printer

as a cop you are allowed to searh ppls houses


/wanted (Name) to set a player as wanted.

/unwanted (Name) to remove wanted from a player

As Police chef:

/jailpos Removing all jailpos and adds a new one

/addjails Sets an additional Jailpos

/wanted (Name) to set a player as wanted.

/unwanted (Name) to remove wanted from a player
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Cop describe.
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